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Born and raised in Luxembourg, to a German mother and a Luxemburgish dad, with the curls of the 70's and flowers in their hair, the seed of a life, of my own free will was born! In this mindset, as soon as I could, I left school and my hometown behind me, to board a plane to Africa. Where the love of the people and the wisdom of the African soil, taught me how to walk on my own path, not to be afraid to stand up for my own beliefs and follow my dreams. Back in Europe, I gave theatre-school a shot. Not very convinced, I left four years later, not knowing where to go next, out of which I wrote and directed a play, which took me all to way to Berlin; where a local theatre, invited me to direct a play at their house.

In Berlin, I was lucky to find a bunch of very fine people who believed in my acting skills and who had the idea to introduce me to directors and castings. This very quickly got me into the art and the passion of filmmaking, - acting for the big screen. I fell in love straight away and couldn't keep my feet or hands off it ever since.
Still and always curious about what there is to come ...


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